I’ve been a freelance editor since 2007. I edit and proofread academic writing for submission to publishers, for print and online publication, for academic assignments, and for grant, tenure, and job applications. The types of documents I work on include articles, book manuscripts, dissertations, reports, reviews, statements, letters, and more.

My clients are mainly professors, postdocs, and grad students in the social sciences and humanities, from institutions including the University of Chicago, Michigan State University, the University of Oxford, Princeton University, Kinjo Gakuin University (Japan), the University of Hong Kong, Bar-Ilan University (Israel), and Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (Chile). Many of my clients are nonnative English speakers, and I help them make their language clear, standard, and appropriate to the context.

The subject areas in which I’ve edited include
>  sociology
>  economics
>  law
>  history of science
>  education
>  classics
>  psychology
>  urban studies
>  international development
>  linguistics

I can address a text at one or all of various levels, from spelling, usage, and punctuation to organization, structure, content, and presentation. In addition to text, I edit statistical tables, figures, math, and indexes.

Client testimonials

“I got to know Rachel when she was still working with one of the most prestigious journals in my field. Rachel helped me with my very first publication seven years ago. It was then that I realized the value of a good copy-editor. She greatly improved the clarity, consistency, and readability of the paper. Over the years Rachel has been helping me with many articles, proposals and applications. She has always been communicable, reliable and responsible. And most important, her work represents the highest professional standard of copy-editing. I truly appreciate the work she has provided and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve the quality of her/his academic work of any kind.”–X. Tian, University of Hong Kong

“Rachel’s experience editing social science papers means that her editing suggestions are on point and appropriate to my field’s standards. I also appreciate that she often has a flexible schedule and that she returns edited manuscripts within the amount of time that she estimates. She accommodates large or small editing projects and is always willing to answer questions about her edits or look at a revised version of a previously edited paper.”–Francisco Parro, Assistant Professor of Economics, Adolfo Ibáñez University

“It was a pleasure working with Rachel. She has the talent to improve and upgrade the text while keeping the author’s voice and style. She always had excellent comments and suggestions that exceeded mere copyediting and improved the overall flow, structure and coherence of the text.”–Michal Pagis, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Bar Ilan University

“Rachel Kamins is a skilled, experienced, and wholehearted copyeditor. Her comments capture my thought patterns. Her replacements reveal my local assumptions. Her word choice clarifies my theoretical constructions. Her manual dexterity, still more, is always associated with practical knowledge about how I can stick to my own inspirations under criticism. Rachel is a wonderful copyeditor and I highly recommend her.”–Mahito Hayashi, Kinjo Gakuin University